A Physician Assistant Degree Can Bring a World of Opportunities

A physician assistant is a health care professional that usually works under the supervision of a physician or a doctor. To become a physician assistant, you will have to be licensed by the state you live in. Physician’s assistant could also go on to have their own health care facilities but this largely depends on the laws of that particular state.

To get a physician’s assistant degree, you will have to complete a course pertaining to biological sciences. These include both biology and chemistry-related programs. If you have been studying a non-related subject at universities, some colleges may still admit you if you have at least two years of coursework under your belt. This will extend the pursuit of your degree to a total of four years. Usually, the length of time that it takes to get your physician’s assistant degree is two years.

For your degree to be legitimate, you should ensure that you have enrolled with a school that has been accredited either regionally or nationally. After graduating with your physician’s assistant degree, you will also be expected to sit for the Physician Assistant national certifying examination. Passing this exam is what will make you a licensed physician’s assistant.

Physician Assistant Jobs Across the Country – How to Find Yours

All the U.S. state governments employ physician assistants in the public health facilities. The federal government also employs physician assistants in the United States military, prisons and various other federal departments and Federal state corporations.

Most physician assistant jobs are nowadays advertised and applied for online and a graduate should visit the internet often and browse the available jobs. It is important to note that most advertised jobs require some experience and there may be no suitable or vacancies for a fresh physician assistant graduate.

A graduate can gain or demonstrate experience by participating in volunteer medical camps, internships in private and public health and medical facilities and participation in relevant conferences and seminars.

Since physician assistant jobs are best for persons who are ambitious, keen and interested in research; publishing scholarly articles in medical journals while at the college may help a physician assistant graduate secure a job faster and with ease.

Physician assistants like their physician counterparts in the medical professions can specialize in a specific area of medicine and this may increase their employability.

It is important to note that the physician assistant increase, pay more and become more readily available depending on the years of experience.


Medscape refers to an online information resource center for anyone who may have a medical query. All information available is free to the public. It is mostly used by doctors and healthcare professionals.

Medscape has quite a number of features. These include:

  1. Numerous medical journals that have been authenticated.
  2. A modified version of the MEDLINE database. This is the National Library of Medicine.
  3. Information on all available drugs in the market
  4. Daily news from the medical world
  5. A checker for drug interaction.

All this can be accessed without a charge but you would have to register with the website first. Because it is an online facility, it makes it all the more easier for doctors to exchange and share information. It also helps doctors diagnose rare ailments faster as they can access all kind of information on the website. All relevant material is collected from various medical publishers and this is uploaded on to the website. This is much better than depending on medical journals because even though most articles may be clinically relevant, not all the material is published in a journal.