The Beer Rocket Launcher

Usually, this website deals with serious issues like grants and ways to finance your student life, but we’re getting close to the holidays, so for your viewing pleasure today, we bring you a stupid invention, just in time for your holiday gatherings:

The Beer Rocket Launcher:

As you can see, this handy dandy invention straps to your back, and just perfectly accommodates this lovely cocktail dress with 6″ high heels. Manufactured by a German company called Rocket Packs they also offer a wide array of other stupid beer inventions. The disappointing part? It is not really a rocket launcher, so no, you cannot fly across the English Channel like Jet Man.

Special thanks to Chris for finding this and sending it to me. He’s got a pretty funny website you should all check out and visit at The Shark Guys.

What do you think? Can you see yourself wearing this?


I was writing about Evel Knievel Motorcycle Toys and I thought I better take a moment and really learn about Mr. Evel Knievel so I would understand the appeal of these toys.

Upon doing my research (gotta love Wikipedia!) I learned he had been a successful insurance agent. Fed up with that (who wouldn’t be? – no offense to insurance agents out there, just doesn’t seem like an exciting job!) he decided to put on a show of him on his motorcycle doing crazy things.

He had broken 433 bones, had numerous concussions, etc. etc. Ironically, it wasn’t his stunts that killed him – he had a liver transplant and ultimately died from diabetes.


It seems nobody ever knows when Thanksgiving is except for me…so today in preparation of this great stuff your face with turkey and watch football (though not sure if the NFL will actually let us watch all of the football) and count your blessings with family and friends holiday that is just a few weeks away, let me answer your questions about when is Thanksgiving?

Some people, such as my husband, think Thanksgiving is the 22nd of November and will vehemently fight you if you say it is any other day besides the 22nd.

Others think it may be the 24th – the 26th? Isn’t Thanksgiving on the 23rd? Some are getting closer by rationalizing that Thanksgiving comes on a certain week in November – My brother was convinced for several years that Thanksgiving was on the last Wednesday of November.

So everyone, let me reveal this great mystery to all of you, the Answer to “When is Thanksgiving?”

It is on the 4th Thursday of every November, year after year.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the 22nd, or the 23rd, or the 24th or the 25th…every year, without exception since 1941 when Congress ruled that Thanksgiving would be held on the 4th Thursday of every November, it has been the 4th Thursday of EVERY November.

So now you all know when Thanksgiving is and can properly prepare for such a wonderful turkey eating stuffing mashed potato love my mom’s cooking kind of day. You definitely need to check out these Thanksgiving hats and order yours just in time:


I was browsing today when I came across this photo:


Who could resist a sale on big butts?

Oh I know, it’s probably not what they meant…but still pretty funny.