Hispanics Scholarship Fund

It cannot be denied that today students of Hispanic and Latino heritage can get a huge number of scholarships in numerous educational fields. This enables them to accomplish their academic education without going through serious hiccups so let’s take a look at the Hispanics Scholarship Fund.

Actually, you can find a large number of organizations that grant millions of dollars to qualified Hispanic students every year. We can see that the Hispanic population really does not lag behind other population groups. it’s a well-known fact that with students of Hispanic and Latino heritage drop out of high school.

One of the most renowned associations that provide scholarship grants to valuable Hispanic and Latino candidates is the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). This association was established in 1986 and the HACU honors lucrative scholarship grants to qualifying college students. The association represents almost 450 educational institutions dedicated to the enhancement of the Hispanic/Latino population.

Applicants who want to qualify need to be full-time students at one of the HACU associated institutes, and they need to be fascinated by retail business in general as well. If you would like to get more information regarding other basic requirements, please check the official HACU website: www.hacu.net

Another fine example is the ‘Best Buy Emerging Latino Leaders Scholarship Program’. This program awards three scholarships to qualified applicants via organizing an essay writing contest. Obviously, students must be able to create an extraordinary essay if they want to get hold of one of these scholarships. All financial support provided to the students via this specific program is financed by the Best Buy Children’s Foundation and National Council of La Raza (NCLR). NCLR is promoting Hispanic civil rights in the United States.

Another non-profit foundation is the Adelante Fund that serves the demands of committed students who are looking to go after higher academic education. The two well-known organizations that are accountable for setting up this foundation are the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and The Miller Brewing Company. The Adelante Fund was founded in 1993, and since then the foundation has offered a large number of scholarship grants to Hispanic and Latino students.

For most of the scholarship grants presented by Adelante Fund, students require to possess a specific grade point average, and in accordance with their grade point average and some other requirements, college students can be awarded scholarships that range from $1500 to $3000. You can read more about the complete details of the grants on the Adelante Fund website adelantefund.org

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists Newhouse Scholarships assists ambitious students who would like to make a professional career in journalism. The association awards qualified students $5000 worth of financial assistance, and the entire scholarship amount is financed by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists alone. Latino students must have B average and status as a junior or senior to be eligible for the scholarship grant, and the selection criteria are determined by academic efficiency, financial requirement, and enthusiasm for a top career in journalism. More details are available at www.nahj.org