Easy Scholarships

You can find quite a few easy scholarships readily available for students who demonstrate exceptional grades and test results, but those students who are not really academically bright minds, often miss out on many of the scholarship options. However, there are quite a few easy scholarship grants available that do not require students to have an outstanding academic track record. There are, for example, scholarships offered to tall people who are over 6’1” or 6’2”.

This scholarship grant for tall people is called The Tall Clubs International Scholarship. Women must be over 5’10” to be eligible for this easy scholarship. Of course, it is no surprise that students need to write an essay on the subject “What Being Tall Means to Me” if they would like to qualify for this scholarship. Qualified applicants are granted $1000 worth of scholarship.

Quick scholarships are furthermore available to left-handed persons. Research indicates that almost 10% of the entire US population consists of left-handed men and women, and left-handed persons need to deal with a whole lot of problems, like using a number of everyday instruments that are standard designed with the right-handed individual ar heart. When it involves easy scholarships, though, you may consider yourself lucky for being a left-handed student. The Beckley Scholarship is offering educational scholarships worth $1000 to $1500 to left-handed students who would like to attend Juniata College.

Students who demonstrate enthusiastic fascination towards particular subject areas may also be very lucky when it comes to easy scholarships. Microsoft Grants are geared towards offering financial support to applicants who demonstrate great interest in subject matter such as technology and science. Microsoft Corporation finances scholarship grants via Microsoft Grants. Strangely enough, students may also get paid for being a vegetarian. See also this post about scholarships for minorities.

The Vegetarian Resource Group is providing very easy scholarship grants worth up to $5000 meant for vegetarians who are able to demonstrate substantial proof that they actually promoted the advantages of being a vegetarian between friends, relatives, and other people. Essentially, you need to be encouraging the health advantages of leading a vegetarian lifestyle. If you have the ability to show you did and do, you might walk home along with scholarship worth $5000. In general, college students have a lot of options to apply for a scholarship.

And this is not all. Easy scholarship grants are available to candidates with excellent smell sense as well. Grants for fantastic smell sense are particularly intended for clinical psychologists wanting to complete their post-graduation study in arachnology. This scholarship grant is financed by the Fragrance Research Fund, which offers easy scholarships worth up to $50,000.

Last but not least, if your family name is Gatling or Gatlin, you may be blessed with an easy scholarship. Surname scholarship grants can enable you to get admission in the North Carolina State University completely free of charge. Also interesting is this article about scholarships for women.